Think Jerky Beef and Turkey Jerky Review

Think Jerky Sampler PackRecently I randomly had a sampler pack of Think Jerky Free-range Turkey and Beef Jerky sent to me.  After wondering if my memory really had gotten that bad or that my Amazon shopping obsession was that out of control where I simply didn’t remember buying something, I came to find out that my wonderful sister and partner, Lauren, secretly sent it to me after a chat session about snacks and jerky.  Thanks Lauren!   I was psyched to throw these in my work bag so that I could have some tasty treats at work in the coming week.  

At around 10 am on Monday I decided to rip open the Sweet Chipotle flavored bag to give this stuff a try.  I knew that I needed some fuel for CrossFit and  was starving due to skipping breakfast (I know, I know, not good).  In short order, I posted on our Facebook page to let you all that I was enjoying this awesome product.  I tagged Think Jerky to give them some props and right away they posted they loved the shout out!  What a nice personal touch.

For those of you that haven’t heard of Think Jerky, they are a small company that used Kickstarter to get their new jerky business off of the ground.   The founders wanted to give jerky the “conscious treatment and culinary attention it has always lacked but rightfully deserves.”  And, if you ask me, they did a bang up job!

I finished all 4 flavors and can’t wait to order some more!  The sampler pack that Lauren sent me had the following flavors:

Sriracha Honey – Free-Range Turkey Jerky
Ginger Orange – Grass-Fed Beef Jerky
Sweet Chipotle – Grass-Fed Beef Jerky
Thanksgiving – Free-Range Turkey Jerkythink jerky variety pack

The only one I didn’t care for was the Ginger Orange.  It wasn’t horrible, just not something I would get again, and definitely not as good as the other 3 flavors.  My favorite was the first one I tried, the Sweet Chipotle.  The Sriracha Honey and Thanksgiving were just about tied for second.  I wouldn’t hesitate to eat any of those 3 flavors if they were given to me.  And my re-order will most likely consist of a mixture of those 3 flavors as well.

think jerky think before you eat

The Think Jerky mantra is “Think before you eat.”   They pride themselves on using only sustainable,  free-range, antibiotic and hormone-free turkey and beef, being NON-GMO, gluten-free and paleo friendly.  So that got us thinking here at Quest 2B Fit.  We are all guilty of going into the grocery store hungry, especially after that epic CrossFit session or Tabata class.  You want to eat EVERYTHING!  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  But, your conscious kicks in and you opt to go “healthy” and run to the jerky aisle.  So many choices!  Not wanting to shock your hollow stomach you opt for some Wal-Mart or Jack Link’s Turkey Jerky.  It’s healthy, right?

think jerky grassfed freerange all natural beef and turkey jerky

Sadly, no.  Mr. Link and Wal-Mart have not gotten on that bandwagon.  While Think uses straight from nature, easy to read, good-for-you ingredients like Gluten-Free Tamari and real Red Raspberry Juice Concentrate, companies like Jack Link’s and Wal-Mart use (insert sigh) junk.  I don’t know about you but hydrolyzed corn protein doesn’t sound good.  Neither does autolyzed yeast extract or refinery syrup.  WHAT are they anyway?!?!  Bet your grandma doesn’t!  I bet they aren’t healthy or natural.  Just a guess.  Using the old adage, You are what you eat, guess you will be autolyzed, hydrolyzed and refined. Um, YUCK!

So, ladies and gentlemen,  next time you are hangry or hankering for some jerky, THINK before you eat!  Spend that extra dollar or two for the good stuff!  Because, you need to fuel that beast body of your with the good stuff so you can…. Kick Ass.  Repeat!

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