Me against Myself

Today, I'm tired. I'm running on about 4 hours of sleep and with the rain, I feel like it's even worse. I strongly contemplated staying in my nice cozy office chair and skipping the gym today, but I didn't.
I'm an average Joe at my CrossFit box (at best). I'm never first to finish (when that's good) and I'm never at the top (or near it) when it comes to the amount of weight I work with.
In the end, at least at my gym, none of that matters anyway. Because when I'm there, I'm competing with myself. And, when possible, trying to do better, work harder and improve on what I did before.
So today, through the rain and breaking through that wall of tired, I somehow managed to PR (personal record) two things I've done in the past.
I guess in the end this is a lesson and something I'll go back to next time I'm feeling blah. I need to tell myself that no matter what, if you're not hurt (which I had my share of that this year) and are able to go, you need to show up! And when you're there and you're telling yourself to take an extra break because you're so damn tired… you need to power through!
Don't let you quit on you! The end result, well, you may just surprise yourself!
Now I know that next time I see these come up that I need to get xxx more pounds on the bar, and one more rep on this metcon. I need to keep that progress arrow pointed up and need to keep my foot on the gas. Because the only thing stopping me from continuing to get better is me!

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