About Us

Meet the Quest 2B Fit Team

Don and Lauren here!  We are the head honchos at Quest 2B Fit. One of us is a 24 year old chic from Virginia and the other is a 38 year old dude from Maryland.  I’ll let you take a whack at who’s who. We are a brother and sister team that started Quest 2B Fit after completing their first half marathon and Tough Mudder together in 2016.  Our mission is short and sweet; Do better and be better than what we are now in health and fitness. In doing this, we hope to motivate, encourage and uplift others while they are on their quest for health and fitness. Most importantly, we want to do it having lots of fun!!

We are by no means fitness experts, nutritionists, or anything of the sort.  We are just two people who are ready to help you as a part of their team.  If we can do this, you can do this! Remember… Kick ass. Repeat.

Meet Lauren

Hey there, I’m Lauren. I’m about 5’6” and I weigh around 130 pounds.  I’ve always been naturally skinny and never had too many complaints about the ol’ bod, although, being skinny doesn’t equate to being fit.  If you would’ve told me last year that I was going to be running a half marathon the next year, I would’ve laughed at you!

Last year, Don asked me to run a half marathon with him.  If it had beenanyone else, I would’ve said NO!   But, I took the challenge and ran with it (pun intended).  Through months of on-again, off-again training  and panicking the month before the race, we finally ran the damn thing and honestly didn’t do half bad.

After finishing, I have never been more proud of my body or its capabilities!  I was hooked and after that race I signed up to do a Tough Mudder, which was equally as challenging and amazing.

Don has been there to push me, challenge me, make me sign up for things and naturally be a pain in my ass because, well, he’s my big brother.  Despite that, I’m so grateful for him and for our team. Can’t wait to be a super strong and fit beast in the gym!

Meet Don

Yo! So I guess that leaves me, Don.  Like Lauren said, I am the older, smarter, better looking and more athletic sibling.  Okay, maybe she didn't say all those things out loud (but I know she's thinking it).  My stats are that I'm 5′ 8.5000001″ (cough, cough) and I weigh 175 pounds (as of a few days ago).

Unlike Lauren, I haven't been a skinny minnie my whole life.  My breaking point was back in 2014 when I topped at 210 pounds. I realized that I would end up hating myself if I didn’t make a change in my life. Even though I had reached a weight that I was unhappy about, I was still fairly active. Hell, I would say that I have been regularly “going to the gym” for many years.  The problem I had was that I ate like shit, drank too much and really wasn't getting anything out of my “exercise”.  I had no plan and no motivation.  I really only used the gym as something to do during lunch when we didn't go out to eat.

Prior to our half marathon in March 2016, the longest race I had run was a 10k, which was probably 12-14 years prior.  Running wasn't something that I really enjoyed, but more something that I did because somebody else was doing it.  I figured what the hell; I'll power through it (hmmm, sounds like how Lauren was when I pulled her in!).

I guess, ultimately in starting this fitness journey (quest, if you will, har har), I want to push myself mentally and physically to be in the best shape of my life.  I don’t have definitive goals other than to have the body of Zac Efron, a buff, hoss of a man and to eventually have people question whether or not I’m on steroids. (Note: I am not.)  I enjoy motivating and inspiring a team.  I am happy to have Lauren and everyone on board with me. That being said, the only thing left to say is, Who is ready to do this Shit and start kicking ass with me?!  Let’s do this! Kick ass.  Repeat.