01-19-2017 Rowing WOD


30 minute row

Row for 30 minutes straight


Didn't follow a Concept2 WOD today, just did a 30 minute timed row.  I tried to keep a steady pace and felt like I did okay.  Definitely quite a bit of room to improve.  I wanted to get 6500 meters but fell short.  I think if I started a little slower I could have made up some ground in the last third.

I also feel like I may get a hear trate monitor.  Even if I ONLY use it for rowing and not CrossFit, I think that extra data would be valuable.  I'm pretty sure I'll get the Polar H7 Heart Rate monitor based on everything I've read.  I'll let you all know if/when I do and what my thoughts are.


I'd like to get at least 6500 meters for the next 30 minute row!

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