01-17-2017 CrossFit WOD

Today's workout from Crossfit Cove along with my results and comments.

Strength WOD

7 Single Arm KB Press (each Arm)
20 Second hollow hold into 20 seconds of flutter kicks
4 Rounds


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)
10 min AMRAP
10 Push Press
10 Front Rack Lunges
10 Burpees

Fitness: 75/55
RX: 95/65
RX+: 115/75

10 Min Time Cap

Coach’s Tip: The barbell will get heavy FAST on this workout so pick a load you can do unbroken on the Push Press and on the Lunges for at least the first round

Strength Results

Used a 35# KB which felt very good.  Got a good compliment on my hollow hold position and felt both the hold and the kicks were easy.

I held my hollow hold for the last round for 60 seconds vs. 20, which got tough!

Metcon Results

Fitness (FX) – 75# 4 rounds + 5 reps

So what what means is I got through the entire routine 4 full times, and did 5 reps on the 5th round of push presses.  I felt much better with this workout than I did with yesterday's workout.  75# was pretty easy for the push press but the front rack lunges got pretty tough.  I also need to spend some time being more efficient with my burpees.  I am wasting WAY too much time on them and find it's something that tires me out quite a bit.  I think I need to work on them more at home and need to find tips (like this) to work efficiently.

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