01-16-2017 CrossFit WOD

Today's workout from Crossfit Cove along with my results and comments.

Strength WOD

We worked on our gymnastics progressions.  I'm on the muscle up track and we did a few ring exercises (strict ring pull-ups, etc.)


Metcom (Time)
10 Power Cleans
18 Box Jumps (jump up/step down)

3 Rounds

Fitness: 115/75
RX: 135/95
RX+: 155/105

10 Min Time Cap

Coach’s Tip: The jump up step down ensures safety, but it also works explosiveness off the ground. It eliminates the stretch reflex and makes you explode from a more static position.  The weight on the clean should be something heavy, but not singles out of the gate.  At least be able to string a set of five on the first go!

Metcon Results

Fitness (FX) – 115# – 20″ Box – 7:18

This past weekend I went (as a spectator) to my first CrossFit competition (more on that later).  After spending a few hours watching the athletes there compete one of the things I realized was that I need to work on my form for a lot of movements.  While my form is okay for some things, there's definitely a lot of work to be done in regards to being more efficient and not reverting to bad form as volume builds up during Metcons.  While I have been going up in weight lately and hitting a few workouts at RX weight, I realize I really need to go back down in weight so that I can work to seriously improve my technique.  So, for now, I'm going to stay with Fitness (FX) weights/levels until I feel like my Metcon results are improving significantly, and my form and technique is much better.

With that said, even at Fitness (115# and 20″ box) this one was pretty tough.  Those box jumps killed me.  The weights were fine but I really just had a hard time getting up on the box.  I didn't want to revert to step ups so my time ran up a bit (7:18 — which was near the end of the pack).  I have to assume that this was mostly due to the garage workouts I did with the kids the day before in the Garage with 24″ Box Jumps, Deadlifts and Squats.

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